Saturday, April 05, 2014

Hello! I'm sorry for take so long but it finally is here.

I tested on game, also changed my model again, this set contains:
  • The Oven
  • The Display
  • The Rack in the back
  • The Register [Pretty much the same than the Supernatural one]
  • And Two Rugs
  • The Plastic Cake on the back [I thought it was useful]
It has Moodlets, for see them do not forget to install the CCMerged.package on your Overrides folder, reWrite if you already had it. 
This works almost the same than the Savvy's Seller set.

Get it →
Bye for now :)


  1. are you gonna post the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery shop ??

    1. Isn't this the set? It has the shop stuff & the oven.

  2. Did the cookie jars;;
    But thanks anyway s2

  3. I have the bakery collection and the bohemian fruits and nuts set which are working good in my game separately, but I read that you can make more pies and cobblers on the bakers station with the harvestables from the bohemian garden set. I haven't been able to however because the only options I have are apple, banana cream, plum, cherry, and pomegranate ( the latter 3 due to the world adventures ep). I can even make different of breads that can be made with the wood fired oven. I've updated the ccmerged file with nona's and I've even tried notouching's store fixes for premium content as well as their store fix specifically for the deliciously indulgent bakery but nothing has worked. I've tried searching this problem but I haven't found anybody else having this problem, granted that is not a deal breaker, I'm just glad the bakers station even works, but it's a little annoying because I'd really to make other pies such as chocolate for my bakery. Have you noticed this problem, and what do you recommend as a solution?

    1. Once I saw at FreeSims-3 that some anons have troubles making work the fruits and the oven too, but mines work perfect always :( You may now Decrapt/Unlock any file from here because you will brake them and they won't work well. You may just put in Packages and merge them if you want but with S3PE only. You may not find useful the KT fix because it does fix something that is not broken... What would be the sense? Well If you have decraped sets of premium content you should keep it but if you don't then delete it. My files work well in my game and so they should work in yours only if you have the same as me, a CCM on Overrides and the packages on Packages.