Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hello! I'm sorry for the preview and the date I uploaded this.

Do not forget to Download and Replace your CCMerged.package to see the plants working, they're all under BuyDebug
See the details at The Store

They worked nice, they're not OMG but they're good
→Get them: http://goo.gl/yiJLsw

There is only one file, it contains Both: Merged and Not Merged in Two folders, it is not hard :)
*I'd had it 6 hours ago but my internet died.


  1. These Are The Fruits Right? Sorry Im Just Curious *-*
    -Sapphieee x

  2. they don't work..
    I have everything up to date but they still don't work. They just sit there like a pile of dirt

    1. They worked very well for me, you probably have outdated the CCMerged I say :)

  3. where should i unzip them? packages?
    and thank you :) i have issues about ccmerged thing

    1. You download either the ZIP files or the 7Z files an you extract them to the root Mods/Packages/PremiumSims (supposing you have a folder on packages called PremiumSims) so after you extract them there you go and download the ccMerged, if you already downloaded then go to the root Mods/Overrides and extract there :)
      And it is done, really easy :)