Sunday, July 20, 2014

Some of you are having troubles with the objects downloaded from here and I worried about them not working in my game, so I decided to test my file if maybe they would not work anymore. Here are the results and comments.
I updated my ccMerged from Nona's site, but some of my premium content still isn't working. The wood oven and baker's station don't work, the violin seems to not have a skill bar, and every time I've tried to use the deep fryer of late they never finish the food. I don't think that should be a problem with my mods? All I have is story progression and master controller, and maybe something else.sagesaria
Well sagesaria, I tested the files you ask for in my game with Nona's last ccMerged and here are the pics of the items working.

This machine worked well, the sims didn't get resetted and he could eat. But I know your troubles because I had them before to start this site with pirated conted and also unlocked, maybe the file needs some fixes but you say you downloaded it from here so the ccMerged is enough. I also had a trouble when the sim cooked around 5 minutes in real life and never finished.

He could cook cookies and he didn't get reset, I hadn't choosen that option.

This oven has been problemmatic but in this time it has been working well, if you have an outdated ccM there won't be interactions, I tested it a while ago.

I hadn't tested very well this item but my sim could reach 1 skill level, it didn't appear, but after some minutes he got 1 point and could keep improving the skill :) Maybe the thing won't appear but they skill will grown.

Now the other items.
Do you have any screen shots of the corn plant in game? I used a hack to unlock the corn from a previous set but I'm wondering if it uses the same graphics. I'm trying to decide whether or not to replace the old one with the new one that you uploaded. Thank you for uploading it. — Anon at Tumblr

That is the Corn, the big plant, the cucumber is the small plant, I saw that in MTS there is a file that overrides the corn stalk, I don't know... It is by Douglasveiga :)
I'm not sure if this is an issue or if you just didn't upload them together-- but you do what the lemonade stand with the 'fruit and veggy stand' right? If so I can not find the little bugger anywhere. If you didn't upload it then that makes me feel a little better knowing I didn't break it. — Anon at Tumblr

I have them :) The fruit station is on Entertainment→Hobbies while the Lemonade Stand is on Kids or Entertainment→Hobbies too :) Those are hard to find, as the cow thing, EA sometimes.

General Suggestion to you all. Merge your files from here Only with S3PE with this tutorial, Appliances with Apploances and so; NEVER Decrap/Unlock them because you will brake them, Always put the CCMerged from Nona's site on OVERRIDES, in packages it won't work; I have downloaded the ContentPatch from the Laucher, it is the same than the Update of the Store Content.
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