Monday, January 20, 2014

This was requested the other day, it was going to be the last one {It was for the 22} But get it here :) 
This time is Magic.

The master Quote:
"The quote of the last time:
"Let's be Serious, and it's about the Terms of Use so When you enter and Download from this Site you're accepting that you're braking the Rules of EA. When you download from here you're accepting that you Won't claim as your work, I don't do it with EA but Steal my files is bad. I wrote this because we All are included."
Do not never forget that. Any of us is winning Money, you may Not take this opportunity for do it or I will shut down your site Muahahaha 3:) It's not a joke... Uhummm" case Drive won't let you Download, Log in into a Google account and sort by List at the Right Top. I'm fixing that.
Do not forget that you Need the CCMerged.package updated from Here for make work the moodlets, remember that the file goes in the Overrides folder. Never merge your Packages from here with CCMagic, Never!
P.S.: A "Thank you" never spare {Or how you say it}.