Friday, January 31, 2014

Requested a long time ago, rePosted today
It includes the items you see in the second picture, this needs the Pets EP {dah}
In case you didn't know.

You may not forget the master quote
There are two versions available:

With Thumbnails | Mirror
Merged | Mirror
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  1. So cute :3 Thanks youuuu~~
    btw: i was wondering... how come you upload these stuff for us for free just like that? As far as i know they cost some real cash in EA store. Just curious what makes you do it for us :D
    Thanks again :D

    1. I took wrong your comment.
      I do it for myself, I have all these items because I wanted to. I told some people and they thought it was useful.
      However I still take it wrong.

    2. yea, i can see how you took it ^^'' i ment more take all this time and probly spend your own SIMpoints on these...oh well, it did came up wrong way but i didn't mean it that way, im sorry u felt that way ^^''